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Insurance Restoration
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Client Testimonials

The more I travel the more I realize it pays to diversify! This unbelievably impressive company is not only crushing it in the full service restoration and reconstruction world, but they also have an unbelievable environmental/biohazard/infection control and cleanup business. Insurance Restoration Specialists or IRS is a DKI member and New Jersey juggernaut. The amount of knowledge the ownership team has is unparalleled and they continue to grow and get better every day. As the pictures show their facilities, equipment, and capabilities are flawless and they’ve handled some major jobs that have helped people through some very difficult times. This is the one instance I can think of when you absolutely want to see the IRS at your door 🙂

Jeff Metz

Regional Support Manager, DKI

Once again your company has exceeded expectations! Your prompt service at the job that I recently called in not only greatly reduced the size and scope of the damage to the building, but it served to calm the policy holder in a trying time. Our mutual client is totally satisfied with the work that you did, and the insurance company has approved payment for your services with no questions asked.

As an insurance agent, the time when clients need us the most is when they have a loss. The quality of claims service that is delivered can enhance or ruin a client relationship. Over the 25 years that we have worked together there has never been an instance where your services have not been prompt, thorough, effective, and professional. Quite frankly, I look forward to claims on which we have worked together because I know that you are going to make me look good!

In today’s world where we are all spread too thin, people seldom take the time to acknowledge and thank others for jobs that are well done. I have an extremely happy client – and while I could take full credit for this, I think that you are a big part of it so I wanted to thank you and your staff for another great job!

Daniel Regan, Esq, CIC, CRM

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

I have been in the property management field for over a decade and unfortunately have to deal with emergency response situations. I have been using Insurance Restoration Specialists for the past seven years and would not consider using another company going forward. Their response time cannot be matched and they are more cost effective than their competitors.

IRS has worked on every emergency response situation for me that you can think of, including fire restorations, mold, sprinkler head leaks, sewage backups, glycol leaks, etc. They have also proved their professionalism in every work environment whether it be commercial office space or medical offices that are patient sensitive.  I would highly recommend IRS to any property management firm and feel absolutely confident that you would be satisfied with the professionalism, workmanship, and competitive pricing.

Lincoln Property Company

Commercial Services

As a facilities manager I can say that I find it hard to believe the amount of plumbing in healthcare organizations. This plumbing is constantly exposed to destructive elements both on inner and outer surfaces of the pipe.

When the inevitable leak, break, or accident occurs, the downtime to the affected areas can be catastrophic in in this environment. As a healthcare facility manager I am expected to control and remediate affected areas as quickly and safely as possible all while maintaining federal and state guidelines to insure there are no problems after the event.

We have found time after time that one call to Insurance Restoration Services solves these concerns backed by all the required documentation.  We are also very pleased with the turnaround time for our clients to return to the affected areas. I personally don’t see how it can physically be faster as they attach the problem with the equipment, manpower, and knowledge to get the problem repaired and cleaned up fast. They offer all trades for repairs such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC.

I am very pleased with the dozen or so responses they have made for us over the years, and for these reasons I highly recommend IRS.

Joe Pasquale

Facilities Manager, JFK Health Systems Inc.

Every contractor you used, plumbing, granite, carpenter, and floors all were professional, clean, courteous, and did an excellent job.

IRS did an excellent job of coordinating all the elements (insurance, contractors, and me) to bring this job to a successful and happy ending. My kitchen is as good as new if not better!

Thank you again Nick, for all you and your colleagues at IRS did to resolve my issue in such a knowledgeable and professional way.

Mary Geiser

It was a pleasure having IRS do the restoration work on my home. All of the contractors were respectful of my property and they did excellent work. I particularly want to thank Charles Mullen, Gerald Garcia and John Saia; they are truly awesome managers over projects and I appreciate all of them. Both Gerald and John were exceptionally patient, informative, reliable and helpful in ensuring that everything was done with excellence. Thank you so much for everything!

Tina Morgan

Rahway, NJ

John Saia was the “angel who watched over us in our desperation and put our lives back together after the horrific storm.”

Mr. & Mrs. William Bolton

Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. employees should be commended for the “hard work, thoroughness, sincerity, and overall empathetic demeanor.”

Mr. Thomas Egan

George Haldeman and John Saia were “extremely professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, exceeding my expectations.

Ms. Denise Cappuccio

All work was done with “care and consideration, enabling us to continue rather normally.”

Mr. William M. Kurtz