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Oil Tank Removal and Replacement

Oil Tank Removal Services

Commercial and Residential Oil Tank and Storage Tank Removal in NJ, PA, NY

Damaged oil tanks leaking fuel into surrounding soil or property are a dangerous hazardous pollutant, and have to be removed carefully and quickly by qualified professionals.

There are many other reasons that home and business owners remove oil tanks from property: If the property is being sold, or removal is required by property insurance or government regulations, or the tank is in the way of renovation, oil tank removal may be necessary. In every case, tanks should be removed following the same stringent procedures to ensure that all potential hazards are avoided or correctly treated.

Insurance Restoration Specialists Environmental Services division provides environmentally friendly, efficient residential and commercial oil tank removal and replacement services in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

IRS Environmental also removes all types of storage tanks found in residential complexes, gas stations, industrial parks, schools, and business parks.

Above Ground Oil Tank Removal and Replacement

Underground Oil Tank Removal and Excavation

Underground Oil Tank Removal
Underground Oil Tank Removal

  • Obtain necessary permits for excavation and tank removal
  • Identify water, gas, and electric utilities in the excavation area
  • Tank area excavation
  • Examine tank and feeder lines for leaks or damage
  • Oil tank pump and flush
  • Oil tank removal
  • Oil tank recycling or disposal
  • Soil testing and soil remediation

Commercial Storage Tank Removal and Excavation

  • Diesel Storage Tank Removal
  • Gasoline Storage Tank Removal
  • Motor Oil Storage Tank Removal

Structural Support

Removing an underground storage tank can create a structural weakness that requires reinforcing a building’s foundation. IRS Environmental experts evaluate the condition of the foundation and the surrounding soil to determine the best means of stabilizing the structure.

When necessary, IRS Environmental will install helical piers to repair and reinforce foundations. Helical piers are deep foundation anchors that tread into the ground to transfer the weight of the structure to the surrounding soil.

Oil Tank Removal and Replacement Qualifications

RIA member

IICR certified

EPA Lead Safe Certified

Certified Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER 40) Technicians, OSHA

Certified Confined Space Entry Technicians, OSHA

Certified Right-to-Know Hazard Awareness, OSHA

Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), American Board of Industrial Hygiene

Certified Construction Safety and Health Contractor, OSHA

Registered State of New Jersey Contractor

Registered State of New Jersey Public Works Contractor

New Jersey Underground Storage Tank Certification

State of NJ C115 Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure Contractor

New Jersey Subsurface Evaluation Certification