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Hazmat Spill Cleanup PPE
Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. hazardous chemical spill cleanup crews outfitted in level B personal protective equipment.

Allyl isothiocyanate, or mustard oil, is an oily liquid that is commonly used as a flavoring agent. It brings a pungent taste to mustard, horseradish and wasabi – and burning eyes, nose, throat and skin to people exposed to it. An IRS Environmental hazardous chemical cleanup team recently responded to an allyl isothiocyanate spill to contain, mitigate and decontaminate the area.

Hazmat Spill Cleanup
Hazardous chemicals are contained and safely removed from the storage area, which is then decontaminated.

Insurance Restoration Specialists’ environmental remediation services specialists wore level B personal protective equipment consisting of a full facemask self-contained breathing apparatus, hooded chemical resistant clothing, gloves, and boots. Using granular absorbents to soak up the chemical, they safely transferred the material into another 55-gallon drum.