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Geller House Fire Repair

After a recent house fire in Blairstown, NJ, Shayna and Edward Geller faced a devastating catastrophe: Their cherished home was lost to the blaze, along with most of its contents. The insurance carrier declared it a total loss. Wanting to remain with their friends and neighbors and determined to rebuild their home, the couple turned to the property restoration experts at Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) for help. In less than a year, the Gellers settled in to their newly-reconstructed home.

NJ House Fire Damage

IRS responders arrived after the fire was extinguished to assess the damage. The fire began in the garage and spread quickly to the first and second floors of the attached home. The basement and remainder of the house suffered extensive smoke damage and water damage from firefighting efforts. Most of the furnishings inside were destroyed. An adjacent garage on the property didn’t escape the heat, with its siding melting off the structure. IRS provided the homeowners’ insurance company detailed, accurate fire and smoke damage appraisals and construction estimates to help expedite the recovery process.

Fire Damage Mitigation in NJ

IRS teams began the emergency restoration process immediately, clearing the property and removing the fire debris and ruined contents. The unsalvageable portions of the structure, where the fire was centered, were demolished to the foundation. The remainder of the house that experienced extensive smoke and water damage was cleared inside to the studs with flooring removed and was treated to remove effects from smoke.

Rebuilding Home after Fire

IRS’ full-service general contractors oversaw the rebuilding effort from start to finish. Framing, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, and HVAC systems went in. Interior and exterior finishes were installed.

Returning Home After Fire Damage

IRS’ property restoration team was able to restore the Gellers home to pre-loss condition, fully restored from the inside out. From the newly-constructed garage, to rebuilt interior, new systems and refinished exterior, the Gellers can enjoy their friends and neighbors for years to come.

Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) is a premier provider of disaster recovery mitigation, environmental remediation, biohazard emergency response and HVAC inspection and cleaning in the New Jersey-Philadelphia-New York City area. IRS is certified by NADCA and have Certified Air Systems Cleaning Technicians and a Certified Ventilation System Inspector on staff. For businesses and property managers, an IRS Emergency Response Plan ensures having a pre-qualified contractor with a master services agreement, pricing and insurance in place before a disaster occurs.