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Marlboro, NJ – On February 22, 2019 Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) received a call from the insurance carrier for one of the trucking companies involved in a major motor vehicle accident. The accident involved two tanker trucks loaded with gasoline and diesel. As reported in USA Today the wreck shut down State Route 9 in both directions and halted traffic on Route 520, a major local thoroughfare. Marlboro Mayor John Hornik was quoted in the USA today article stating that dozens of local businesses and a daycare had to be evacuated.

fuel_spillIRS quickly responded to the fuel spill in order to limit environmental damage and reopen a major state highway.

IRS was initially requested to respond for the discharge of approximately 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel, but was later increased to an additional 2,500 gallons of gasoline associated with the discharge from the other tanker truck. The IRS Haz Mat team responded to provide emergency services and coordinated site activities with the Monmouth County Hazardous Materials Unit, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Emergency Response, Marlboro and NJ State Police and NJ Department of Transportation to address the fuel spill.

fuel_spillIRS on scene leading the effort to contain the spill.

The spill was properly contained due to the fast response of all team members in conjunction with local and state authorities. The diesel fuel discharged onto the roadway and impacted the soft median between the northbound and southbound lanes. The diesel fuel impacted soil on the median was remediated by clearing contaminated soil the following day to prevent further impact migration.

fuel spill
fuel spillIRS addressed the diesel soaked median to prevent further expansion of the affected area.

The gasoline fuel spilled on the roadway and immediately into storm drains along the highway, which then flowed into a nearby woodlands/wetlands area. IRS needed to immediately move to limit the environmental impact from the fuel spill. The gasoline impact in the woodlands were contained with hard and absorbent boom to prevent further down stream impact. All captured floating product was recovered with absorbents. Site activities continue with the constant monitoring of water conditions in the woodlands/wetlands and recovery of product with the use of absorbents.

fuel spill

fuel spillIRS rapidly deployed measures to limit and then mitigate the environmental impact of the fuel spill

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