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Monroe Sewage Spill
An extensive sewage backup flooded the interior of municipal building, causing extensive contamination and water damage.

After discovering an extensive sewage backup flooding its municipal offices, officials from a New Jersey township called in Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) for emergency cleaning, decontamination and repair. The “Category 3” water loss, formerly called “black water”, is considered grossly unsanitary, able to cause severe illness if ingested.

Monroe Class 3 Water Loss
The facility was left coated with raw sewage. The sewage spill damage extended well past the initial backup location, reaching 7,000 sq. ft. throughout the ground floor.

The event left 3″-4″ of raw sewage affecting nearly 7,000 sq. ft. of the building’s lower level. IRS Environmental Services mitigation teams spent several days removing sewage water and fecal matter from flooring, furnishings and building contents. After initial removal, the interior space was sanitized and dried before structural demolition began on contaminated walls and structures. IRS coordinated with the township’s insurance company to begin final reconstruction and repair of the affected interior areas.

Water Sewage Damage Remediation
IRS technicians removed raw sewage disinfected and sanitized the area.

As a fully licensed contractor, IRS was able to provide start-to-finish services to return the area back to pre-loss conditions quickly, greatly simplifying the process for the township.

Monroe Water Sewage Damage
Sewage-contaminated building contents were removed for cleaning and sanitizing..

IRS returned the entire facility to safe, clean, pre-damage condition.

Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) is a premier provider of disaster recovery mitigation, environmental remediation, biohazard emergency response and HVAC inspection and cleaning in the New Jersey-Philadelphia-New York City area. IRS is certified by NADCA and have Certified Air Systems Cleaning Technicians and a Certified Ventilation System Inspector on staff. For businesses and property managers, an IRS Emergency Response Plan ensures having a pre-qualified contractor with a master services agreement, pricing and insurance in place before a disaster occurs.