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With multiple days of rain in the immediate forecast we’re reminded of the extensive mold problems seen in our schools over the past year. Fortunately, state lawmakers are being proactive about mold prevention and remediation in our schools. A recently introduced common sense bill (Bill A-1433) calls for preventative mold inspection in New Jersey Schools. This school mold law would be a victory for students, parents, educators and taxpayers.

School Mold LawThe State of New Jersey is considering a common sense law to control mold in our schools.

The effects of mold in our school systems have been well documented on this blog multiple times New Jersey Schools Plagued by Summer Mold Infestations , Healthy Schools: Understanding and Preventing Mold Growth in School Facilities and Healthy Schools: Regular HVAC System Inspections Keep Students and Staff Breathing Easy along with other posts.

The school mold law has been introduced by Assemblymen Dan Benson and Benjie Wimberly. This bill would require the state Department of Community Affairs, Department of Health and Department of Labor and Workforce Development to collaborate on regulations for inspection and remediation of school mold. The bill aims to prevent the disruption of lost school days, which occurred in dozens of school districts last year, while ensuring the health of both students and school employees. This bill is also a win for the taxpayers. Regular inspection and prevention is far less expensive than waiting to uncover an existing infestation which has spread across school wings or the entire building.

Benson and Wimberly’s bill also wisely calls for certification of individuals involved in school mold abatement. Mold is a serious hazard which should only be handled by professionals. Inspections need to be carried out by those trained to spot mold. It’s also critical that remediation be carried out by certified professionals to prevent accidental spread and proper disposal.

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