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Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial – Residential – Industrial Fire Restoration Services

Few property disasters have the destructive and immediate impact as fire. Fire damage, smoke damage, smoke odor, and fire soot residue left on a property and its contents can overwhelm home owners and business owners.

Insurance Restoration Specialists is the premier provider of commercial, industrial and residential fire damage restoration services in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Since 1986, its IRS Restoration division has responded to fire emergencies to secure property, minimize smoke and fire damage, recover and restore valuable and cherished contents, and return property to pre-loss condition as quickly and painlessly as possible. We handle every job we take on with a focus on care, quality and speed.

Church Fire Restoration
IRS Fire Restoration experts were called in to restore this fire-damaged church

Fire Damage Mitigation Services

IRS Restoration offers emergency response services 24 hours a day to begin your fire restoration process as soon as possible. When IRS responds to a fire emergency, our experts assess the extent of fire, smoke and water damage. We secure the site to prevent further damage, reinforce structures, and board up windows, doors and roofs. Water from firefighting efforts is pumped out. Contents are removed for cleaning, repair and smoke and odor removal, and property debris is removed.

  • Site Security, Temporary Fencing
  • Shoring
  • Window, Door and Roof Board-Ups
  • Water Extraction and Pump Outs
  • Demolition and Debris Removal
  • Carpet Extraction and Cleaning
  • Content Packouts

Fire Damage and Smoke Damage Repair Services

IRS Restoration returns homes and businesses to pre-loss condition with a full range of fire and smoke damage repair and reconstruction services. Our experts prepare detailed, accurate fire and smoke damage appraisals and construction estimates. They work directly with insurance agents and adjustors to ensure that our clients receive all available coverage to minimize out-of-pocket costs.
In order to help clients recover from a fire disaster as quickly as possible, IRS Restoration will oversee the entire cleaning and rebuilding process.

Smoke Removal Soot Removal
IRS technicians remove soot and odor from areas in and around fire sites

Smoke Damage Repair

The effects of smoke linger long after the fire. Different kinds of smoke and different surface types require different removal methods. Our experts will identify the type of smoke – oil smoke, dry smoke, wet smoke, protein smoke – and use the best cleaning treatment available for walls, floors, and furnishings.

IRS Restoration makes sure to follow the smoke wherever it goes, including crawl spaces, closed storage areas, heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, and more.

  • Smoke Particle Removal
  • Soot Char Removal
  • Odor Removal – Odorox® Hydroxyl and Ozone Treatments
  • Soda and Dry Ice Blasting
  • Chem Sponge Fire Cleaning
  • Surface Sanitation
  • HVAC System Cleaning

Structural Repair for Fire Damaged Properties

IRS Restoration is a full-service general contractor. We can return homes and businesses to better-than-before condition as quickly as possible following a fire emergency. Working directly with insurance companies, we oversee rebuilding from start to finish, to ensure the highest-quality, most efficient return to normalcy possible.

  • Framing
  • Roofing installation, repair and replacement
  • Drywall removal, repair and replacement
  • Masonry – foundations, brick work, slabs and walks
  • Electrical installation, repair and replacement
  • Plumbing installation, repair and replacement
  • HVAC installation, repair and replacement
  • Interior and exterior priming, sealing, painting, and finishing
  • Wallpaper installation

Commercial Fire Restoration
After a devastating fire, IRS was able to restore this University campus cafeteria

Fire and Smoke Damaged Content Cleaning and Recovery

Smoke and soot can damage every sort of business and home contents, furnishings and other belongings, all in different ways. IRS Restoration cleaning specialists have the expertise, tools and technology to remove odor and fire residue from soft blankets, to computer equipment, to leather goods, to delicate porcelain figurines.

Hard Contents Cleaning

IRS uses its Omegasonics Restoration System to provide ultrasonic cleaning for a wide range of fire damaged hard contents. Our technicians can safely remove soot and smoke residue from tools, antique crystal, golf clubs, window blinds, and more.

Soft Contents Cleaning

Without proper cleaning, smoke odor stays in clothing, linens, drapes, pillows, clothing and other “soft” items for months or longer. Soot and fire residue stains often can’t be removed using readily-available household products. IRS Restoration specialists recover soft items using the Esporta ES-3300 Wash System. Its patented, environmentally-friendly washing system safely and thoroughly deep cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes soft contents to return them to pre-fire condition.

Document Recovery Services

Smoke-damaged books and documents are typically discarded. IRS Restoration reclaims paper items through a process of freeze drying to eliminate lingering smoke odors.

Electronic Recovery Services

IRS Restoration safely removes smoke and soot from sensitive electronics, including computers, routers, televisions, and even industrial electronics using state-of-the-art electronics cleaning equipment.

Fire Damage Restoration Qualifications

RIA member

IICR certified

EPA Lead Safe Certified

ISNETWORLD Member Contractor

Certified Emergency Hazard First Responder, National Fire Protection Association

Certified Confined Space Entry Technicians, OSHA

Certified Right-to-Know Hazard Awareness, OSHA

Certified Firm, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

Certified Construction Safety and Health Contractor, OSHA

Registered State of New Jersey Contractor

Registered State of New Jersey Public Works Contractor

Certified EPA Lead Renovator, US EPA

Certified Green Risk Professional (GRP), Vale Training

Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (NADCA)

Certified Ventilations System Inspector (NADCA)