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Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc.

Client Testimonials

Insurance Restoration Specialists Inc. has been performing emergency, high risk sanitation/disinfection services for Ocean County’s facilities since the pandemic hit our region in March 2020. During this time period they have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness. Their response time is almost immediate and the quality of work is exemplary. I am pleased to give IRS a high level recommendation. If you require additional information, I can be contacted at 732-691-5385.
Joseph Meyers

Superintendent, Ocean County

The Township of Brick has been a client of IRS’s since March of this year. As a municipal entity, closing our doors, or working from home, is not an option. We serve the public and are expected to do that no matter what crisis may be unfolding.

I will always remember that Sunday when I received word of our first employee positive test for COVID. I knew I needed a company that would sanitize our Municipal Building – not once but regularly. I called many companies, starting with the ones we do business with regularly. Only one company – IRS – returned my call and responded within hours. IRS responded that Sunday in March and every week since then delivering exceptional service without issue or complaint.

The touch point cleaning done weekly by IRS is one of many strategies we have implemented to keep our employees, and the public, safe. It is an essential component of our overall approach to staying open for business through a pandemic.

It is important to me that you know how very much your work is appreciated and how needed it continues to be all these months later. IRS gave me some level of peace of mind at a time when that was nearly impossible. I just can’t thank you enough.

In a time of crisis, reliability, professionalism, and excellent service are greatly valued. IRS has been there for Brick Township and we appreciate your commitment to excellence and service.

Joanne Bergin

Business Administrator, Brick Township

I have known and worked with IRS for more than 25 years on large and small projects involving disaster restoration, water damage mitigation, mold assessments and remediation, HVAC system hygiene assessments and cleaning, microbiological decontamination of Category 3 water and sewage, chemical spill response and indoor environmental quality assessments and remediation. These projects involved residential settings, school districts, local, county and state offices and private industry clients and ranged in size from single family homes to 200,000 square foot schools to industrial facilities comprising more than 1,000,000 square feet of floor space. Their crews are adept at addressing issues in old, historically important building and new facilities built with modern building materials.

IRS is large enough to handle a major emergency response in a large facility and agile enough to respond with a small crew to a residential flood at the same time. I have no difficultly communicating with both their crews and crew foreman on jobsites and they follow directions expertly. They are well-trained in appropriate disciplines involving their work. They hold such industry certifications and Certified Restorer, Water Loss Specialist, Applied Structural Drying technician and various mold worker certifications. Workers are also highly trained in proper safety and health practices and procedures required by OSHA and PEOSHA on their jobs. They benefit greatly from having an in-house safety and health expert, mainly Mr. Tom Peter, MS, CIH. Tom brings more than 20 years’ experience in the safety and health field as well as expertise in indoor air quality, mold assessment and remediation, microbial decontamination and HVAC systems hygiene and operation to his position at IRS. Their training is second to none with respect to mandated health and safety training and I doubt that many other restoration firms in the United States have the in-house capabilities that Tom brings to IRS.

Michael McGuinness

CIH, CET, CIAQP, ABIH-IEQ, R.K. Occupational & Environmental Analysis, Inc.

I have worked with Insurance Restoration Specialists since the early 1990’s. I find the employees of IRS very professional and reliable.

They are knowledgeable with regards to environmental rules and regulations and my go to for spills of any size. I know when IRS is called out my company will be protected; the work will be done satisfactorily for all parties involved and the paperwork trail will be completed.

When IRS is called, I can relax knowing my company is in the competent hands of a dedicated professional team.

Lois M. Kapp

Clayton Companies

I didn’t realize when I first called you that each phase of the job would have a new team. Each group was equally professional and expert in what they did. My apartment looks beautiful due to the skills of your people.

John was especially helpful and quick to respond when I called.

I thank you and will recommend your company if anyone has a need.

Linda Adler

My home was decimated due to a gas explosion. My Insurance company (NJM) recommended I use your services to assist me during this tragedy. And I am so glad I did.

Your staff packed out my home, itemized my damaged and good contents, moved furniture to our temporary housing, moved us from the temporary housing back to our new home and finally just brought all of our stuff from storage.

They were professional, but also compassionate when doing their job. And I mean everyone: from the packers up to the supervisors. Our stuff was handled with care and came back to us unscathed.

I would like to specifically mention Tito, Jim Paluzzi and most of all Antoinette Vera. They all made this horrific situation a little easier.

You have a great company and wonderful staff that work for you.

Linda and Joe Mollica

IRS responded to our call immediately and was great to work with throughout the entire process. They quickly developed a plan of action and then efficiently carried that plan through to the end. All of the work was done well and it was also done neatly. Communication was maintained throughout the entire project and they were always willing to do all that necessary in order to accommodate us and make adjustments based on our needs.
Jamie Atchison

Facilities Manager, Northern Highlands Regional High School

The IRS team that came in and did the clean up was outstanding in their efficiency and professionalism. Faquan White who supervised the job was excellent at keeping the crew on schedule and keeping the department informed of all details. Their hard work is much appreciated. Tom Cunningham and his staff, as usual, were also extremely helpful coordinating/supervising with the IRS team to make sure all clean up and repairs were done very quickly.
Salome Arencibia

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers

I have been using Insurance Restoration Specialists for the past seven years and would not consider using another company going forward. Their response time cannot be matched and they are more cost effective than their competitors.

IRS has worked on every emergency response situation for me that you can think of, including fire restorations, mold, sprinkler head leaks, sewage backups, glycol leaks etc. They have also proved their professionalism in every work environment whether it be commercial office space or medical offices that are patient sensitive. I would highly recommend IRS to any property management firm and feel absolutely confident than you would be satisfied with the professionalism, workmanship and competitive pricing.

Drew E. Mazura

Property Manager, RPA, LPC Commercial Services, Inc.

We are writing to you today to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you did in restoring our Parish Center after a fire. The attention to detail and the speed with which you accomplished the work was truly appreciated.

Our Parish Center is back up and running and the different groups who utilize the facility are glad to be back in their old stomping grounds.

Rev. John V. Polyak

Pastor, Our Lady of Peace Church

What was becoming an overwhelming experience was quickly put under control by Gerald and his team. Within five minutes, the situation was assessed, flooring was being laid, carpet was removed, cabinets and plants were being moved and fans were blowing. Over the next few days, the IRS team worked quickly and efficiently to cleanout all the soiled debris.

Next came the team of Jon and Evan to reconstruct our bathroom and lay our carpeting. Within hours of choosing flooring, carpeting, bathroom vanity and pantry, and paint, the IRS team had the materials in hand and were installing them. Within a short period of time, our rest room was back in business and looking better than ever.

Rosemary K. Mahony

Administrative Coordinator, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers

Our firm currently handles claims involving several Bergen County Boards of Education on behalf of Great American Insurance Company. Insurance Restoration Specialists is routinely called in for professional remediation and restoration service which they have always provided in an upmost professional manner.

In all of our past experience with Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc., we have found them to be extremely competent and capable throughout the entire claims process and are happy to submit our recommendation on their behalf.

Nicholas J. Ventola

Campbell-Ventola, Inc.

We had an unfortunate sewage backup at our administration offices, which we immediately had to take action and contact a remediation specialist. As a preferred vendor with the Township our first contact was to IRS. Without hesitation, specialists, technicians, adjusters, management, etc. were on the scene within an hour of first contact. As we all know, a substantial loss is always tough to deal with, but with the consistent help and diligent work effort of the entire IRS team, the damage was minimized. We would also like to thank them for the way their employees conducted themselves and worked so well with our staff throughout the remediation as well as the reconstruction process. During these times communication is very vital, and can sometimes be lost, but was never with IRS.

Shortly after the completion of the administration building, our township community center was damaged by a significant rainfall. Once again IRS was contacted, and we are proud to say that this project revealed the same results.

Wayne Horbatt

CPWM, CRP, Director of Public Works, Monroe Township

Tom Peter responded to the school the same day I called and had a proposal for the work on my desk very quickly. The start date was changed at the last minute several times by the district but Mr. Peter remained calm and cordial throughout the entire process. The crew performing the work was also very professional and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend IRS Restoration for any restoration job.
Mark McNamara

C.E.F.M., Director of Operations and Maintenance, Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education

During the past few years our school district has been working with Jonathan Jarema on several projects. The largest project that [IRS] did for us was after a fire at our Brick Center. They worked expeditiously and go the school reopened very quickly. This company offers high quality services. We have always been satisfied with their work and the outcome has been in a timely manner.
Frank J. Frazee

CPA, School Business Administrator, Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools

Your company was called in to deal with water damage in our home. We are very good friends with Sal Esposito, who gave your company a very high recommendation. That that point, we knew we made the right decision to have IRS complete our work.

Every team that came in from the demo to the pack out to construction to pack in were excellent. Everyone made our journey a little easier by being very compassionate. We want to make special mention of John Saia and Jimmy. We had a lot of personal contact with both of them and they made sure everything went along without a hitch. John went above and beyond to assist us during the construction time. And he promised to get us back into our home within 4 weeks which he was just off by a few days.

John and his teams are very valuable assets to your company.

My husband and myself just wanted to be sure you were informed how happy we were with your company and its personnel and would highly recommend you.

Elizabeth and Ruggiero Abbatemarco

I am writing this letter to inform you of my complete satisfaction with how my claim was handled and my home rebuilt.

From the day of the fire to the day we moved back into our home, we worked with your approved contractor, Insurance Restoration Specialists (IRS), who saw to it that every detail – from board-up to managing our home’s contents to rebuilding our home – was properly handled. Very few people understand all phases of a fire and its aftermath. This is an education I could have done without. IRS walked me through each phase of the process and explained what had to be done. Very seldom, if at all, did I not get information and communication from their experts, their tradespeople, and even their owner.

Our salvageable belongings were handled with great care. There was not a chipped plate or damaged piece of furniture. The quality of workmanship was great. IRS used a mix of contractors that they supplied, as well as some local contractors which I recommended. John James was the IRS superintendent coordinating the work. He communicated daily with me or my son throughout the entire project. It was a pleasure working with him.

David J. Ertle

Toms River, NJ

Once again your company has exceeded expectations! Your prompt service at the job that I recently called in not only greatly reduced the size and scope of the damage to the building, but it served to calm the policy holder in a trying time. Our mutual client is totally satisfied with the work that you did, and the insurance company has approved payment for your services with no questions asked.

As an insurance agent, the time when clients need us the most is when they have a loss. The quality of claims service that is delivered can enhance or ruin a client relationship. Over the 25 years that we have worked together there has never been an instance where your services have not been prompt, thorough, effective, and professional. Quite frankly, I look forward to claims on which we have worked together because I know that you are going to make me look good!

In today’s world where we are all spread too thin, people seldom take the time to acknowledge and thank others for jobs that are well done. I have an extremely happy client – and while I could take full credit for this, I think that you are a big part of it so I wanted to thank you and your staff for another great job!

Daniel Regan, Esq, CIC, CRM

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

I have been in the property management field for over a decade and unfortunately have to deal with emergency response situations. I have been using Insurance Restoration Specialists for the past seven years and would not consider using another company going forward. Their response time cannot be matched and they are more cost effective than their competitors.

IRS has worked on every emergency response situation for me that you can think of, including fire restorations, mold, sprinkler head leaks, sewage backups, glycol leaks, etc. They have also proved their professionalism in every work environment whether it be commercial office space or medical offices that are patient sensitive.  I would highly recommend IRS to any property management firm and feel absolutely confident that you would be satisfied with the professionalism, workmanship, and competitive pricing.

Lincoln Property Company

Commercial Services

As a facilities manager I can say that I find it hard to believe the amount of plumbing in healthcare organizations. This plumbing is constantly exposed to destructive elements both on inner and outer surfaces of the pipe.

When the inevitable leak, break, or accident occurs, the downtime to the affected areas can be catastrophic in in this environment. As a healthcare facility manager I am expected to control and remediate affected areas as quickly and safely as possible all while maintaining federal and state guidelines to insure there are no problems after the event.

We have found time after time that one call to Insurance Restoration Services solves these concerns backed by all the required documentation.  We are also very pleased with the turnaround time for our clients to return to the affected areas. I personally don’t see how it can physically be faster as they attach the problem with the equipment, manpower, and knowledge to get the problem repaired and cleaned up fast. They offer all trades for repairs such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC.

I am very pleased with the dozen or so responses they have made for us over the years, and for these reasons I highly recommend IRS.

Joe Pasquale

Facilities Manager, JFK Health Systems Inc.

The Borough of Glen Rock was pleased with the service received from IRS, Inc., regarding a fire in our Library last year. The response and repairs were timely and would recommend their services.
Lenora Benjamin

Borough Administrator, Borough of Glen Rock

It’s a pleasure your company has always been there for our students and the work is always great!
Kevin O’Reilly

Jersey City Board of Education

Wanted to let you know that IRS has completed the restoration yesterday and have been paid in full. I am happy with the work. Everyone was professional and did a good job. I would have no problem giving them a good reference.
Eileen Dey

I would just like to say that your company treated my family and I very well. Customer service was superb. The remediation team was very professional and treated our home like it was their own. Also, our Mitigation Specialist was very professional as well. Thank you so much for everything.
Bjorn Pilgrim & Family

Thank you for the work done! Your people did a great job cleaning my flooded basement!
Marilyn Lota

Every contractor you used, plumbing, granite, carpenter, and floors all were professional, clean, courteous, and did an excellent job.

IRS did an excellent job of coordinating all the elements (insurance, contractors, and me) to bring this job to a successful and happy ending. My kitchen is as good as new if not better!

Thank you again Nick, for all you and your colleagues at IRS did to resolve my issue in such a knowledgeable and professional way.

Mary Geiser

It was a pleasure having IRS do the restoration work on my home. All of the contractors were respectful of my property and they did excellent work. I particularly want to thank Charles Mullen, Gerald Garcia and John Saia; they are truly awesome managers over projects and I appreciate all of them. Both Gerald and John were exceptionally patient, informative, reliable and helpful in ensuring that everything was done with excellence. Thank you so much for everything!
Tina Morgan

Rahway, NJ

John Saia was the “angel who watched over us in our desperation and put our lives back together after the horrific storm.”
Mr. & Mrs. William Bolton

Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. employees should be commended for the “hard work, thoroughness, sincerity, and overall empathetic demeanor.”
Mr. Thomas Egan

George Haldeman and John Saia were “extremely professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, exceeding my expectations.
Ms. Denise Cappuccio

All work was done with “care and consideration, enabling us to continue rather normally.”
Mr. William M. Kurtz