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Disaster Recovery
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Fire fighters arrived on scene to a hotel parking lot in Cranbury, NJ and observed a truck fire. Fire fighters promptly extinguished the fire, but noticed the presence of hazardous chemicals. The scene required immediate Emergency Spill Response. Diesel Fuel and Hydraulic Oils were leaking out of the truck and into the parking lot, flowing into nearby drainage swale.

Emergency Spill Response
Truck fire at a Cranbury, NJ hotel parking lot requiring Emergency Spill Response.

Middlesex County Hazmat was notified of the release of hazardous fuel and oil. They referred the trucking company to Insurance Restoration Specialists who provided comprehensive Hazardous Waste Spill Response.

IRS Environmental Services identified and controlled the source of the oil and fuel spill. After the spill event had been contained, IRS determined requirements for site remediation, and Debris and Contaminant Removal, to eliminate dangerous contaminants and health threats from the hotel’s property, nearby wildlife and environment.

IRS Environmental Services arrive, evaluate and contain the Fuel and Oil spill.

Truck and car accidents can create the potential for hazardous water contamination, soil pollution, dangerous fumes and flammable vapors. When dangerous chemicals or materials have been released during an accident, immediate highly qualified environmental remediation by experienced professionals is critical.